What is the best time for squid fishing?

Prime Time for Squid Fishing

While squid are technically available all day, night offers the best window for catching them. But even within night time hours, there's a sweet spot: dawn and dusk. During these twilight periods, squid enter a feeding frenzy, becoming more active and aggressive. They'll readily strike at anything resembling food, making them easier to catch, especially for beginners.

Twilight Frenzy: Less Technique, More Action

As twilight descends, squid transform into ravenous opportunists. The feeding frenzy makes them less discerning, but don't be fooled – choosing the right jig is still key. Pick one with a captivating colour and a mesmerising effect like glow or UV, considering the time of day, weather and water conditions. With these essentials and a touch of basic squid fishing knowledge, you'll be well on your way to a successful catch!

Beyond Twilight: A Skill-Based Challenge

While twilight offers easier squid fishing, experienced anglers venture out during the day. This requires a different approach. Squid are more cautious in daylight, so mastering jig selection (Include glow jigs for low-light conditions and UV Glow technology for increased daytime squid visibility) and proper presentation become crucial. This period tests your skills and knowledge of squid behaviour to entice them to bite.

In a Nutshell:

  • Prime Time: Sunrise and sunset (twilight)
  • Why? Squid are in a feeding frenzy, making them easier to catch.
  • Benefits: Less technique needed, higher catch rates for beginners.
  • Challenge: Daytime fishing requires honed skills to entice cautious squid.